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Treatments with osteopathy students in Copenhagen

Why it is an advantage to choose us


We are currently on the 3rd year of osteopathy Master.

About treatment


Osteopathy has been approved by the Danish healthcare system on an equal footing with physiotherapy and chiropractic. The Master takes 4 years and you must be a physiotherapist or doctor to start studying. Osteopathy is based on traditional health science subjects such as anatomy, neurology, physiology and biomechanics.


The therapist uses hands and perform tests in order to find the diagnosis and the right treatment strategy. We seek out and treat the cause of the problem so that the balance in the body will be more easily restored and thereby have the opportunity to function optimally again. An example of this can be headaches, or pain in the jaw, where the real cause is due to compensations in the body, as well as other mechanical dysfunctions from the pelvis and up to the skull.


We look at the body as a unit where all structures affect each other.
All joints must be able to move as optimally as possible in order for the body to function as well as possible to improve performance.
We use techniques as manipulation and mobilization of the joints, fascial release, relaxation of the muscles, cranio-sacral and visceral techniques.
Finally we are also using exercise therapy and postural training.