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Osteopathy sees the body as a whole, where all structures work together across the body and affect each other.
This also means that every joint must be able to move and work optimally before the body can perform as it should.


Locks and tension in the body can affect everything from blood circulation to the lymphatic system, the immune system, the organs and much more. An osteopath can treat these blockages and tensions with manual therapy. Manual therapy means, in all its simplicity, that treatment is done with the hands. Using the hands, the osteopath will localise, stretch and release any locking and tense muscles. This is also why osteopathy is called manual medicine, just like, for example, chiropractic.


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About us

Aleksandra and Deborah Osteopaths and Physiotherapists

OsteoMedica was founded by Aleksandra Zegalski and Deborah Tassi in 2019 in the heart of Nørrebro. 

We are experienced and empathetic osteopaths and physiotherapists and we offer a quality, comprehensive one-to-one treatment approach, focused on orthopedic manual therapy with a holistic perspective to achieve long-term wellness. We can provide you with lasting solutions for pain relief and pain management, optimal techniques and exercise therapy, education and prevention for self-care.


Dansk Danseteater-logo


It is the largest modern dance company in Denmark. Physiotherapist Deborah Tassi collaborates with them since 2018.

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School-logo

CPH Contemporary
Dance School

Physiotherapist Deborah Tassi collaborate with them since 2020.

ksv vollyball klub

Volleyball Club

Collaboration with OsteoMedica since 2019.

distance running dk

Team Distance
Running Forening

Collaboration with OsteoMedica since 2020.



Collaboration with OsteoMedica since 2022.


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Matteo FerrariMatteo Ferrari
14:52 16 Jan 23
Deborah super recomended, been working on my knee after ligament surgery and helped me get back on track
Kaitlin OrrKaitlin Orr
11:55 02 Dec 22
I had a great experience getting physical therapy at Osteomedica. Both Deborah and Stephanie cared a lot about my health and worked hard to help heal my injuries. They were very nice and easy to talk to, and also very knowledgeable and good at their job. I would definitely recommend Osteomedica for physical therapy.
fabian kuschefabian kusche
15:49 16 Sep 21
I am very happy with Osteomedica, Deborah is super friendly and very skilled.I get treated because my nerves are shooting into my elbow, now I feel much better with the treatment.Deborah is also good at comunicating and explaining, it is an overall pleasent experience every time.
14:45 13 Jul 21
Aleksandra realy helped me with my shoulder problem. I couldn't move it but just after few treatments I gained full range again AND MY PAIN IS GONE. 🎉🎉🎉 Treatment is one thing but she gave me so many good advises about ergonomics at work, what healthy lifestyle means and she showed me so many fantastic exercises so I can move normally again. Also took care that I do them properly so I don't injure myself again 🙏 Finally I could feel that someone cared about me and my problem i was willing to fight this with me. Highly recommend ❤️
Giulia De NegriGiulia De Negri
14:05 16 Feb 21
I can only recommend this clinic. I've had my treatments with Deborah, she is amazing, very professional and kind. She was also very nice telling me exactly what she was treating and why she would work on that area of my body, explaining in a very simple way the science and technique behind her practice. I would definitely go back to OsteoMedica. Thanks again!!

Contact us!

Our studio is in the heart of Nørrebro

Aleksandra – az@osteomedica.dk
Deborah – dt@osteomedica.dk


reception: info@osteomedica.dk – +4542740433

Please contact us preferably via email or sms


Baldersgade 4, first floor 2200 København N

If the gate is closed: 2018 A

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