Sport Massage

Sport Massage in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

With a sports massage, you have the opportunity to loosen up the muscles in the body. It may be necessary, for example, in connection with lactic acid and / or waste accumulations in the legs after running or tense knot in the neck and shoulders region.


Sports massage can be part of recovery, but it can be also part of prevention. Several top athletes use sports massage to avoid getting injured in the first place.


There are different types of sports massage:

Restorative sports massage – Used for prevention when the body needs to be prepared for physical activity of any kind.

Rehabilitative sports massage – Used in connection with rehabilitation when the body and muscles need to recover after an injury period.

Pre-competition sports massage – Can be effective if you need to warm up for an upcoming physical activity.

Post-competition sports massage – This type of massage is used when the body needs a little help to recover after the intense physical activity.

The difference between a regular massage and a sports massage

There will be a difference between what a regular masseur and a sports masseur emphasize in a massage. A sports masseur will basically aim to relieve physical fatigue, restore the muscles and potentially prepare the body for upcoming physical activity. An ordinary masseur will massage with the purpose of relaxation and reduction of stress and tension.


Sport massage helps with prevention and recovery

While the regular massage is given for the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction, a regular sport massage can do other wonders.

Sports massage is particularly good if you have a specific area on your body that needs to be treated. Problems such as running knees, tennis elbows or shin splints can be more easily remedied with a sports massage than a regular massage.

In addition, this type of massage is used especially by athletes to prevent injuries as well as recovery. The sports massage is able to relieve and / or prevent muscle soreness after / before training or competition. Typically, muscle soreness will be particularly present 12-72 hours after physical activity. With a regular sport massage, you will be able to prevent and minimize your body’s physical exhaustion.

We also offer consultations related to sports physiotherapy and osteopathy in general.

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