Training and rehabilitation

Training and rehabilitation in
Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Rehabilitation after surgery


After an operation, some form rehabilitation may be necessary to regain the normal functional range of motion and muscular strength.
We offer professional help for rehabilitation in our clinic in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, and we are happy to have a non-committal talk with you before you embark on a longer rehabilitation course.

It may also be that you need exercise to maintain or strengthen your body and its function in connection with your daily work. Maybe you have just started the fight against arthritis and need help dealing with how to live with that disease. Whatever the reason, we are happy to make our expertise available in connection withyour rehabilitation.

Pregnancy training and postpartum training


At Nørrebro in Copenhagen you will find our clinic, where we offer both pregnancy training and postpartum training. It may be relevant for you who either want to maintain good shape through pregnancy or may need postpartum exercise.
It is a good idea to keep the shape intact throughout the pregnancy up to the due day. This is because the body goes under extreme stress during childbirth. It is a huge achievement to give birth. If you prioritize pregnancy training and physical activity throughout the pregnancy, you make the birth easier to get through. In addition, it increases both your baby’s and your health.
Of course, we adapt the training to suit you, your pregnancy and your fit level – this applies to both pregnancy training and postpartum training.

We are also happy to help with pregnancy osteopathy if you need it.

Training and rehabilitation

Need a consultation about training or rehabilitation?


Do you have any questions, or do you need a consultation before choosing your treatment plan? We are
happy to have a non-committal talk with you about rehabilitation, pregnancy training, postural training,
ergonomic advice, etc. Just give us a call on tel. 42 74 04 33, send us an email at info@osteomedica.dk or visit us at the clinic in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

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