Scar tissue

Gynecology and women: Scar Tissue


Scar tissue treatment after caesarean section You only see the top of your scar tissue on the top layer of skin. Many people know that they have scar tissue after operations, burns or in connection with trauma such as after a bicycle accident or fall. But for many, the majority of the scar tissue is under the skin. The deeper scar tissue, on the other hand, can be a big nuisance without them knowing it because we can also get scar tissue during inflammations and infections such as bacterial infection, e.g. cystitis or viral infection. When the body is affected by an infection, the immune system will try to isolate the infection and form a barrier of scar tissue around it. After the infection is fought, the scar tissue rim will remain. The area can thereby become less elastic and be less functional.

Facts about scar tissue


  • Scar tissue can cause a strain on your body, which can cause pain and reduced function over joints, muscles or organs
  • Time and often the pain can be localized elsewhere
  • Scar tissue in the stomach or abdomen can cause digestive problems and/or continence problems
  • Inflammation after bacterial or viral infection can also cause scar tissue
Gynecology and women: Scar Tissue

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