Head: Whiplash


Whiplash occurs when the soft parts of the cervical spine are overstretched and sprained. It is due to a sudden impact of force on the neck and neck structures. Time can occur in car collisions where a vehicle is hit from behind, from the side or from the front  What happens during an accident is that the neck bends strongly backwards and then bends forwards. But the damage can also occur in other types of accidents, for example during diving.



  • It is not just the neck that is affected – but the entire back down to and including the pelvis
  • The neck region, in the chest and in the face and connective tissue on the front of the body all the way down to and including the stomach
  • Radiating pain to arms and legs
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

The treatment will consist of


  • Examination of the skull, neck, shoulder, back, pelvis, fascia, dura, spine and your muscles can significantly speed up your recovery
  • Work with the connective tissue, muscles and joints. This can reduce stiffness and mobility
  • Improve circulation in the area
  • Work with the spine and nervous system
  • Mental relaxation to reduce the stress level in your body

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