Stomach: Constipation


Constipation, hard or infrequent stools.

The problem is frequent among older people and more often among women than men. If there is a lack of fiber in your diet, the bowel will be stimulated too little, and the stool will often be hard.


Physical activity also stimulates bowel movements. Sedentary work and too little exercise therefore increase the risk of becoming constipated.



  • Infrequent bowel movements that last more than 3 days
  • Need to strain to pass stool
  • Abdominal pains
  • Distended and bloated stomach
  • The pressure downwards in the abdomen

The treatment will consist of


  • Work with the connective tissue in the abdominal region. Stimulation of this tissue can decrease the stiffness and mobility of the intestine
  • Improve circulation in the digestive system
  • Work with the spine and nervous system
  • Mental relaxation to reduce stress levels in the body

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