Chronic Cystitis

Gynecology and women: Chronic Cystitis

Cystitis (cystitis) is an inflammation of the urinary bladder. As a rule, it is one's own bacteria from the intestine that causes cystitis. Most often it is e.g. E. coli, or those you have on the skin in your crotch, e.g. Staphylococcos saprophyticus. Usually it can be over within a few days, but sometimes the disease can spread to the kidneys and cause inflammation of the renal pelvis (glomuronephritis or pyelonephritis).

Girls and women have a short urethra, so they get cystitis more easily than boys and men do. If an adult man gets cystitis, he often has an enlarged prostate or kidney stones or they cannot empty the bladder completely when urinating.



  • It stings and burns when urinating
  • The urine is cloudy and bloody.
  • Urge to urinate all the time, without a lot of urine coming out

Osteopathic treatment can reduce symptoms by restoring proper blood circulation and by correcting the nervous system so that balance occurs. We also offer good advice in relation to diet to balance the good and bad bacteria in the intestinal system.

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