Digestive problem

Stomach: Digestive problem


Symptoms can be very different from abdominal pain through cramps to decreased appetite. Some people experience increasing discomfort, rumbling and flatulence throughout the day, often leading to frequent visits to the toilet. A low energy level as well as feeling sick. Consequences of digestive problems can be e.g. poor immune system and cause inflammation of the body. It also affects social life, which takes up a lot of consciousness and reduces the joy of life.

Osteopathic treatment for digestive problems


In order to treat digestive problems, it is important that the treatment will look different from person to person, as the causes can be different.


The cranio-sacral system is necessary to treat and the most central, to create balance between our nervous systems. It is especially important if people feel stressed or have a busy everyday life.


This is done with cranial mobilization techniques to ensure optimal movement of the skull and stimulate centers in the brain to create balance in the nervous systems so that digestion works optimally.


The techniques are especially important for the vagus nerve, which is our 10th cranial nerve and is the link between our brain and our gut. It is also important to ensure good mobility of the sacrum, as this is connected to the skull.


From there we can work with the organ system and the small and large intestine itself.


Therefore, the osteopath will treat this directly by mechanically loosening any scar tissue around the intestine. We ensure that the intestine has optimal blood supply.

Osteopathic treatment for digestive problems

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