Menstruation and endometriosis

Gynecology and women: Menstruation and endometriosis

Most women have regular periods once a month from puberty until menopause. It is normal that menstruation is accompanied by light pain, pressure in the lower abdomen. Discomfort is normal but for some the pain is so severe that they are almost incapacitating due to pain. Therefore, they may have to miss school or work and often have to stay at home for a few days each month. The uterus is a large muscle and it contracts when the egg has not been fertilized and it has to leave the system, so we call it menstruation. Since the lower part of the uterus sits high in the vagina, the cramps can continue here.


Besides that, all the nerves and poor blood circulation in the uterus are to blame for the cramps in the uterus, and it is they who are to blame for the pain in the groin, back and legs. When the tissue around the uterus becomes relaxed, and when blood circulation and innervation are improved, the pain and cramps disappear. The osteopathic treatment will cause relaxation of the tissue and will thus reduce pain.



The endometrium is another word for the lining of the uterus, which is shed every month as menstrual blood. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to that which grows inside the uterus begins to grow elsewhere in the body. Endometriosis causes a lot of severe pain in the abdomen, pelvis and back.
The result of endometriosis is severe pain during menstruation but also problems with achieving pregnancy due to inflammation. Regardless of the cause, the osteopathic treatment can reduce the symptoms by restoring the proper blood circulation and by correcting the nervous system so that a balance occurs in the tension relationship between the muscles.



  • Cramps and pain in the lower abdomen
  • Pain in the lower back and/or pelvis
  • Pain in the groin or legs
  • Diarrhoea, constipation or bloating
Menstruation og endometriose

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